Rules of Conduct

  1. Skaters shall skate at a reasonable speed, If you are passing more people than are passing you, SLOW DOWN.

  2. Skaters shall NOT skate in a reckless manner, weave in or out, play tag, or skate in a manner that may jeopardize the safety of ones self or others.

  3. Skaters shall report all injuries to management regardless of severity.

  4. Skaters are requested to report any condition that they believe may jeopardize their safety or the safety of others.

  5. Skaters shall not carry children while on skates anywhere in the building.

  6. Skaters shall not take hats, caps, purses, combs, hairbrushes, sunglasses, toys, food and similar items onto the skate floor.

  7. Skaters shall not sit on walls, railings, tables or counters.

  8. Skaters shall not stop or stand on the skate floor.

  9. Skaters shall place all shoes, coats, purses, and personal belongings in a locked locker, or check area.
    Management is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

  10. Skaters MUST remove skates before leaving the building.

  11. Skaters shall keep all food and drink in the snack bar area.

  12. Skaters and guests shall not carry outside food or drink into the facility.

  13. Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances or anyone under the influence will not be permitted on premises.

  14. Skates that are designed for toe stop must be so equipped.

  15. Wheels must be clean and suitable for our skate surface.

  16. NO SMOKING allowed in the building.

  17. No gum chewing allowed in the building.

Please understand that these rules have been established for the safety of all Skaters...

Landmark 2 - The Family Fun Skate Center

Dress and Conduct

Landmark 2 - The Family Fun Skate Center

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Dear Patrons of Landmark 2 Skate Center...
Landmark 2 Skate is a family owned and operated skate center that truly believes in providing it's patrons a clean, fun and safe place to enjoy the recreation of roller skating and listening to good music.


Landmark 2
291 N. & 50 Highway E.
Just across from Home Depot
Phone: 816-524-2000
Fax: 816-524-0022

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