Dear Friends and Family of Landmark Skate Center,

Many of you are family as we have known you since birth, and many of your parents since childhood.


With bittersweet emotions we are announcing that Landmark Skate Center is closing our doors as of November 29th, 2020.  This is a very tough time for us, and we’ve spent countless hours praying and contemplating our decision.


This has been a particularly challenging year with Covid-19. Its impact has affected small businesses everywhere enormously. We were shut down for 3 months and have yet to see any encouragement of a profitable return.    The future is completely unknown, and the pandemic and economy do not show signs of a robust return any time soon.  Debbie and I are choosing to retire from this chapter of our lives.


In 1976, as a part time job, I started at Landmark as a floor guard and sound booth programmer.  I met my wife, Debbie, here and together we bought the skate center in 1999.


We raised our family here, celebrated many important events with you, and always felt honored that you chose to share your time with us. We sincerely thank you.


It has been an amazing journey and we have seen countless changes along the way both in community and progress.  Life is moving so fast and is far different than it was when we bought Landmark 21 years ago.


Aristocrat Motors will be occupying this corner from then on and we hope they are as blessed as we have been, and we wish them great success! God bless each and every one of you.

“Keep skating in the regular direction!”
~ The Johnsons


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